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Company presentation

Spangenberg & Madsen is a professional engineering company founded in 1905, making it one of Denmark's oldest consulting engineering companies.


Today we specialize in consulting services within all technical installations, indoor environment, fire and security-related systems. We have an extensive customer base within Danish businesses, public authorities and institutions, as well as private building owners and developers.


At Spangenberg & Madsen we always strive to provide competent advice with a high professional level within our area of expertise - making us an attractive partner in projects of all scales. Our main objective is to always provide the very best solutions for the tasks we are given.



Areas of expertise 

Spangenberg & Madsen has a wide range of competencies within the field of installation, among these: consulting for building owners and developers, programming, planning, project engineering, supervision and inspection, testing and commissioning of all categories of electrical and mechanical systems in areas spanning from administration offices, educational institutions, hospitals and technical media companies to airports, the industrial sector, real-estate construction companies etc.


Our core competencies include:

  • Energy supply and backup
  • Energy optimisation
  • Plumbing and ventilation
  • Indoor environment and sustainability
  • EMC, equipotential bonding and lightning protection
  • Intelligent building installations
  • Fire security installations
  • Security system installations
  • High-voltage installations
  • Lighting systems
  • IT and data communication systems
  • Customised installations
  • Energy distribution (high, medium and low voltage distribution)

Being specialists, Spangenberg & Madsen work closely with our customers and partners throughout the process, from the planning- and programming level all the way through to the end user level - and often with tasks of great complexity.

At a number of our key customers, Spangenberg & Madsen have worked with large-scale, remarkably complex installations, requiring numerous customized installations not commonly found in more average solutions. This challenges our professional level, which we perceive as a great opportunity to develop and increase our in-house know-how.

Due to the high level of professionalism at Spangenberg & Madsen, we are a popular choice of partner, who often work closely together with other consulting engineering and architectural companies.